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Introducing Our Mission Possible

You are invited to participate in our mission to help improve ecological and economic relations between people and their environments. Our GAIA Fan Club will introduce you to many cost saving and sustainable ways to improve your indoor and outdoor quality of life.

Demand for environment friendly products and services is growing. While paid search is good for business, the search advertising rabbit hole creates very real problems.

For example middlemen:

  • bottleneck the supply chain with unreliable info and practices
  • competition for page rank inflates the cost of ads
  • tactics affect shipping, handling, delivery and return costs
  • the link chain between customers and suppliers gets longer
  • drive searchers down a proverbial rabbit hole

As demand grows, the more confusing and costly the rabbit hole gets.

H4H search quickening reduces costs .

... by humans for humans


Habitat for Health Starts Here

The re:Search project is fostered by people who care and advertisers who rank people higher than paid search bots.