Technically Homeless – Let’s Build a New Studio!

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Opportunity Foregone.

The government recently cut my pension so much my income is now below the poverty line. I've been looking for a place for 3 months with little to no help. Unfortunately, there is a long wait to get a place to live here in Victoria B.C. and I've had to dismantle my studio. This means no regular blog post until I get a place to live, rebuild the studio and hopefully resume what's left of my life.

Dear readers, it only took 1 bureaucratic bungle to make sure my income was less than the so called Guaranteed Income Supplement. It has forced me to find a new place to live, effectively shutting down the business in the middle of startup, with little help to find an affordable place to live, and while a new covid-19 variant is coinciding with the next (early) Federal election. Go figure!

Today I'm updating my gofundme campaign to raise cash to help me through this jam and build the business at the same time so I never have to seek Government help again.

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