Funding Habitat for Health

Our vision is to help visitors find cost effective ways to improve their habitat for health.

Startup Goals

  • structure the business for growth
  • retain agencies by specialty
  • hire production help
  • publish pay it forward content
  • launch a funding campaign
  • offer sponsors ad space
  • bundle blueprints for sale
  • offer awesome funder perks



Pay it Forward Funding

Blueprint #1 reveals 5 Ways to Slash Energy Bills. How much did you pay for electricity last year? Want to keep 25% of this year's power costs?

When you pay $5 a month for the H4H News, you pay it forward to fund Habitat for Health. The money you save on power is paid back to you with a lower cost for the same service. In this way we are both funded or refunded by the power company.

We're Fundraising Now

Contact us to volunteer or signup to work on gigs.

Agency of Record
3969 Shelbourne St
Victoria, BC V8N 6J5


Learn and Earn!

Welcome to our site

We're in startup mode so a lot of things still need to be hooked up. Next report will be released to subscribers in June.

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