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Definition of Tact - Acute sensitivity to what is proper and appropriate in dealing with others, including the ability to speak or act without offending.

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The Long Beach Time Exchange | Dec 1, 2013 | 02:00

The power of the individual to shape the course of history may be one of the most underdeveloped of all natural resources. It is only by the agreement of individuals that the complex relations between Nature, government, business, and people can produce benefits of a developed, multicultural society.

Our world must change, not from the top down, but from the bottom up. H4H manages the GFC Member Timebank to communicate environmental, consumer, and business positions so GFC Member participants can amplify their voice for change.

Ecology and economics has never been so far apart as it is today. H4H recognizes many kinds of Eco-Eco independence and interdependence. The content we publish and projects now underway, are focused on ways to bridge identified gaps between competing ideologies.

Time banking is used to store and manage:

  • records of time, membership fees and donations,
  • valuation of credits prior to exchange,
  • individual productivity records without devaluation.

GAIA First Economics, Pay It Forward Methods, and GFC TimeBanking operates as today's de facto upgrade to reconcile Ecological and Economical relations.

  • Research and qualify listings
  • Categorize and publish listings
  • Affiliate marketing management

Habitat for Health consulting premises are based on 3 ecological common denominators.

  1. Everyone gets 24 hours to spend in a day.
  2. Members get to choose how to spend and redeem their time and money.
  3. Non-members can choose to volunteer but must join the GAIA Fan Club TimeBank to redeem credits for cash to satisfy legal conditions.

GAIA Fan Club Member Support includes...

  • assemble small footprint container homes, geodesic domes and mobile structures for use and reuse,
  • outfit or retrofit them with newly developed or previously unavailable parts or equipment,
  • assist to meet or exceed building and land use codes in urban, suburban or rural locations,
  • provide temporary shelter where events of economic or climate disaster response is needed.

Brian Hack, founder of H4H and lead Permaculture Design Consultant was diagnosed with MCS in 1991. For more than 30 years he has learned to adapt his environment to help reduce effects of chemical exposure. The universal takeaway from his experience is that what works to ease symptoms and suffering of persons with CFS/ME, ES/MCS and FM, most often works for everyone.

  • (CFS/ME) Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis,
  • (MCS) Multiple Chemical Sensitivity
  • (FM) Fibromyalgia.


Goal is $ 3000

2 Procedures 1 for each eye
Hospital Fee $ 502.60 per eye
Doctor Fee   $ 400.00 per procedure
Toric Lense  $ 500.00 +

1 procedure $ 1,402.60

2 x procedure $ 2,805.20

Estimated Balance = $3000

GFC Member Fast Start Sponsor Drive

  • 1st place  12 months membership renewal
  • 2nd place 6 months membership renewal
  • 3rd place 3 months membership renewal


Membership in the GAIA Fan Club is a gateway to fundraise for food, clothing and shelter campaigns and earn money to help individuals, families and communities balance their economic and health care needs sponsored by Habitat for Health.

Habitat for Health - Blog

  • Research content
  • Write articles
  • Publish & comment replies
  • Posting articles weekly since January 2000
  • Publish GFC Ezine Yearly since January 2001

GAIA Fan Club Ezine • 1st Annual Edition
  • Promote evergreen opportunity for GFC Members.
  • Equal opportunity Start from Scratch free program.
  • Promote maximum benefit to all concerned with bottom up, GAIA First eco-eco relations.
  • Raise funds from Memberships to establish and maintain research, development and consulting services.

Start From Scratch Competition

Quick Start Goal is 30 New Members

GFC Member Fast Start Sponsor Drive

  • 1st place 9 months membership renewal
  • 2nd place 6 months membership renewal
  • 3rd place 3 months membership renewal


Subscribers get free access to our start from scratch blog news, ideas, and can volunteer to learn, earn and get access to the GFC Community Timebank when membership is economically viable. The Blog Gateway opens the door to hook into where the money is.

GAIA Fan Club Projects

  • Create a sustainable 3-R project to establish evergreen opportunities and outcomes for GFC Members.
  • Raise funds from Memberships to establish and operate research, development and consulting services.
  • Incorporate Habitat for Health to operate both
Marla Spivak | TED Global 2013
The video above is a 5 minute summary of a YouTube video.
  • What is an Agrihood?
  • GFC Keystone for the Co-Op
    The Habitat for Health Blog is a free public information gateway to assist abatement and recovery programs.
  • Site located and zoned with relevant permissions
    • Container modification on builders site and/or on location
    • Dome assembly and finishing on location
    • Permaculture design and consultation Brian
    • GFC Member Contractor and/or Local Contractor to source, build and assemble showrooms
  • Showroom 1 -  The Container 
  • Showroom 2 -  The Dome
  • Financing
    • Initial - 3rd party Members, Third Parties, Members
    • Secondary - Habitat for Health
    • Primary - GAIA Fan Club
  • Documentation marketing and sales
    • Habitat for Health
    • LMS MEDIA Managed
    • GFC Member

Pilot Projects

GFC Pilot Project Sponsor Drive

1st place 9 months membership renewal
2nd place 6 months membership renewal
3rd place 3 months membership renewal


The Apiary Prototype Project seeks to fund Ecological solutions to locate, equip and finish a variety of applications of transportable dome and container housing. Permaculture design includes power, water, waste management and enough arable land needed to sustain just 1 human being.