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Why GAIA First?

1. Without GAIA first we wouldn't be here now!

In Greek mythology, GAIA is the personification of the Earth. Gaia is one of the Greek primordial deities. She is the ancestral mother of all life: the primal Mother Earth goddess.

2. If GAIA is not recognized first before all human endeavours, then all humans die sooner instead of later. Here's why.

Severe climate change and human responses indicate imminent ecological and social collapse. Without a sustainable ecosystem that favours human life, the longer we wait, the fewer choices remain to survive.

For example, ecological indicators include:

  • severe weather;
  • global warming;
  • sea level rise;
  • extinction event; and
  • effects of pollution.

Indicators of social collapse include:

  • political uncertainty;
  • civil unrest;
  • monetary stress;
  • supply chain disruption; and
  • deadly ecological events like the COVID-19 pandemic.

In November 2019, pandemics were deadly historical footnotes. Six months later, by the end of May 2020, the United States had reported more than 100,000 deaths from coronavirus disease. As of this writing on September 11, there were more than 195,000 Covid-19 deaths. While the 'do or die' clock ticks on, how many choices do you think will be left before humans become extinct?

It's obvious that partisans unwilling to help are not part of the solution. 
Instead, they end up as yet another burden on Governments who do act, 
but are limited by dwindling resources as the media is quick to report. Together, they make for 
Catch-22 mismanagement scenarios.

Today, drastic corrective action must be taken to avoid the writing on the wall.
 Otherwise do or die choices are done and we are finished.

Catch-22 mismanagement continues to produce inevitable fiscal limitations due to events like pandemics, natural disasters, climate change, economic 
stressors, and deviant behaviour. Human social contracts are failing under current leadership.

There's just not enough resources trickling down through a catch-22 system to continue on our present course and still survive. The indicators point to a need for innovative ideas, easy to do plans, and cost effective ways to employ people to take affirmative action.

To achieve these goals, Habitat for Health created a research and publishing platform. The project is called GAIA First© Economics. The hypothesis is designed to be tested and refined while taking action.

GAIA First Economics

At Habitat for Health, economics is the social science that deals with the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services. Economic theories include modern practice in economic systems. Theories for adapting to change include variations specific to desired outcomes.

Generally, the GAIA First hypothesis is based on empirical evidence of the above observations.

The 'help vs harm' conditions of assistance for GAIA include:

  • recognition she does not accept cash or any human economic creations;
  • our stewardship is in exchange for use of her natural resources;
  • that we consume those natural resources in sustainable ways; and
  • recycle our toxic waste.

An early purpose of GAIA First was to build, support, and promote Ecological and Economical (Eco-Eco) relations. It was based on assumptions that if human time is a store of value then GAIA's natural resources are, too.

Today, the GAIA Fan Club (GFC) is a subscription-based membership organization.

Here's a simplified version of how it works.

  • Members volunteer time to work on projects.
  • In exchange, credits are issued for time volunteered.
  • As projects get income, a percentage is paid back to Habitat for Health.
  • Credits may be reinvested or redeemed for cash as it becomes available.

Underlying the above circularity is the Habitat for Health Pay It Forward Method.

The Method is aimed at ways to benefit GAIA First by repositioning key elements of:

The net effect is to use resources from a variety of other well-developed economic functions that can be selected for easy relocation to the unique needs of Member projects. It's something like choosing seeds for a garden you want to create.

Habitat for Health recognizes that Members all have different skills and capabilities. All are needed, especially when projects may be as different as helping families or communities to recover from flooding, earthquake, tornado, or forest fire.

The H4H bottom line is to create funding and support assets when other sources of mismanagement scenarios obstruct timely responses to deliver interim or recovery relief.

Other considerations include pro-active vs re-active scenarios and how to start from scratch when money is in short supply. Habitat for Health adapted the Blog to be a free-for-all entry point.

Subscription to the Blog is Free

Subscribers get access to:

  • GAIA Fan Club Ezine, our free web business publication
  • How to build and manage a Web business
  • Access on the job training (OJT) opportunities
  • Start your own local business from scratch
  • Work anywhere anytime and in your community
  • Unlock protected content on our Blog
  • Comment on Blog posts, and
  • Qualify to apply for Habitat for Health projects

The main pro-active response focus is on longer-term Start From Scratch projects where private Pay It Forward projects are for the public good, and focus on quality-of-life for both humans and the planet (delivered as time allows).

The re-active scenarios differ in terms of cash on hand, human resources, time, and location. Since budget, volunteers, finances, and time factors are hard to forecast, an unfortunate reality of this scenario would be grim or late at worst, and likely too little, too late at best. That's why initial funding and growth of Habitat for Health during startup is difficult to forecast and assess.

The H4H project development and delivery framework is built. The next phase of my work is to convert visitors into members, members into project leaders, and Habitat for Health into a corporation of philanthropists - from scratch!





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