What We Do

Our approach to earth changes is to empower people and our partner Gaia to better manage the planet.
Habitat for Health provides resources to predict, prepare, act and adapt to geographical change.

Home is where the heart is

Our Home page is designed to provide information and support resources for Visitors, Members, and our GAIA Project.

Contact us to get your questions answered about any project related topic, even if you are not a Member.

Blog is our idea generator

The Blog contains curated briefs about what others do to adapt to change. Many readers discover clever ideas, big or small, that really make a difference.

What sets Habitat for Health apart is Members get help with prepping projects and funding them.

re:Search and prepping

H4H provides re:Search, analysis and consultations with project leaders. Members learn to achieve ecological goals that produce economic benefits.

Members create eco-eco projects, help GAIA heal faster, and get paid for doing it.

Imagine what we all could do together if we wanted to...

Greta's 2 minute summary of her TED Talk in Stockholm


Looking for action? Find some here.

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