GAIA First© Economics

When GAIA's ecological and human economical systems both fail, by-pass action is needed. As top down resources fail, Habitat for Health is positioned to incubate bottom up solutions to continue abatement and recovery.

Habitat for Health views economics as a branch of social science that deals with the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services. Economic theories include modern practice in economic systems. Theories include variations specific to desired outcomes.

GAIA First© is an economic theory based on empirical evidence that GAIA does not accept cash or any human economic creations. GAIA will accept stewardship in exchange for human use of natural resources. GAIA's only conditions are that we consume natural resources in sustainable ways and recycle our toxic waste.

Habitat for Health (H4H) is built to support and promote Ecological and Economical (Eco-Eco) relations. We believe your time is valuable and GAIA's natural resources are too.

Habitat for Health eco-eco relations start here. Members in the GAIA Fan Club get access to our projects. H4H helps fund projects with credits, resources and recognition of completion.

GAIA First© Benefits from:

  • Reduction in demand for more resource extraction and waste storage from increases in 3R member initiatives.
  • A percentage of subscription revenue is paid forward to fund projects that GAIA benefits from 1st.
  • The increase in stewardship arising from projects compounds the GAIA First effect on resource 3Rs.
  • The residual endurance of GAIA Fan Club projects has the potential to recover or reuse resources at a rate greater than human demand.

GAIA First© Pay It Forward Method

Subscription to the Blog is Free. Subscribers get:

  • unlock protected content on the blog,
  • comment on blog posts,
  • GAIA Fan Club Ezine updates, and
  • Start From Scratch Opportunities!

Habitat for Health Start From Scratch project is a private Pay It Forward initiative for the public good, focusing on quality of life for both humans and the planet.

Membership to the GAIA Fan Club is paid. Members get access to Habitat for Health resources, project tasks and gigs. 
Members earn credits by volunteering for on the job training (OJT). Credits may be redeemed in many ways using H4H Pay It Forward methods.


The Value of Membership

  • GAIA First© eco-eco relations
  • Secure project development
  • WordPress technical support
  • Multi-media asset production
  • Guerrilla marketing channels
  • Cashless Pay-It-Forward dev


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