Easy Ways to Reduce Carbon Footprint on Your Daily Life

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There are many easy day-to-day activities that can reduce your carbon footprint. Growing your own garden add beneficial plants that remove carbon. House or office plants help add oxygen, and reduce the heat signature of the space. Second hand clothes generate no additional carbon to produce, and organic cotton clothes are less taxing on the environment to produce. Beef is one of the most water intensive foods to produce, so limiting beef consumption and eating locally can greatly reduce the impacts you have on creating carbon.

Key Takeaways:

  • To reduce your carbon print, hang your clothes to dry on line instead of placing them in the dryer and choose walking over driving.
  • Grow a green garden since plants produce oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide.
  • Buy second hand clothing, limit meat intake, unplug chargers, and eat food that is produced locally

"Human activity produces 40 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide in a year as per 2015."

Read more: https://www.theenvironmentalblog.org/2019/11/easy-ways-to-reduce-carbon-footprint-on-your-daily-life/