Introduction to Habitat for Health

Renewable natural resources are sustainable when they are replaced at a rate greater than or equal to the rate they are consumed. Recent human growth has withdrawn more from the bank of natural resources than it has deposited. When GAIA's ecological and human economical systems fail, by-pass action is needed. When top down resources fail, Habitat for Health is positioned to incubate bottom up solutions to continue abatement and recovery.

  • Habitat for Health is a Web based research, publishing and consulting company.
  • Blog briefs inform Subscribers what other people do to adapt to change and also acts like an idea generator.
  • Vlog briefs teach new Members how to DIY, source innovative solutions and help market Member projects.
  • Collectively we assist advancing Members who take action that benefits GAIA first and all concerned.

State of World Views on Climate Changes

Climate changes can be measured in seconds to billions of time units. Since no one lives long enough to experience ice age time intervals we must rely on science and history to alert us of imminent danger.

  • Instead of preparing for war, we should be paying attention 
to the climate changes and accompanying natural disasters.
  • Learn where to adapt by observing key climate indicators like earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, etc.
  • Learn how to adapt by what other people have done and copy or improve the solutions.
  • Get assistance from Habitat for Health or volunteer and learn to organize your own existential solutions.

Opportunity Begins Where Resources Fail

It's no wonder children like Greta Thunberg are compelled to advocate to extend life and oppose deviant retarded acts or failure to act. The opportunity now is to bypass the problem, act in ways that are consistent with healing the planet and adapting to changes caused by more frequent and severe climate driven events.

  • Opportunity begins when business and government resources fail and personal, group or organization by-pass actions start.
  • The Opportunity now is to take action, build new foundations for 
sustainable development and help mitigate mismanagement.

A quick way to adapt is build a personal habitat 
for health, buy green, and help others do the same.
  • Habitat for Health help for projects designed to mitigate do or die scenarios.

Outcomes Can Literally Be Do or Die Scenarios

Sea level rise from melting ice sheets and what we should do about it

  • Avoid a commitment to multi meter sea level rise
  • Transition to a carbon-free energy, available, economically viable, rapidly, worldwide
  • Curb greenhouse gas emissions (CO2, methane, black carbon, HFCs) and sequester atmospheric CO2 back into the ground
  • A world informed by science with cleaner energy, cleaner air, cleaner water, sustainable and equitable development.