Can You Grow Pothos in Water?

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There's a good reason that pothos is a popular houseplant. Not only is it beautiful, but it's also a cinch to grow. Forget soil; pothos can grow in a container with nothing but water and fertilizer. Just start with a healthy cutting from any vegetative part of a pothos, be it the roots, stems, leaves, or rhizomes. Put your cutting in its container with water and a few drops of liquid fertilizer, and then place it in indirect sunlight. You should see new roots sprouting in one to two weeks. Change your water regularly, ideally once a week, and don't forget the fertilizer. Clean your container, especially if you start to notice algae growing on the inside.

Key Takeaways:

  • No soil required, just a water container, tap water, and liquid fertilizer will do the trick.
  • Cut below the node of a healthy vine, avoiding vines that are yellow or browning.
  • Change the water in your container regularly and be sure to keep the container clean.

"If you grow your golden pothos in glass jars filled with water, you won’t need any pumps, special fertilizers, or drainage holes."

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