In 2020 Habitat for Health [H4H] launched the Segue Project which established a multi-media platform to promote ecological opportunities. First year development includes:

H4H Home manages the interface of technology, culture and eco-eco relations.

H4H Blog manages research, publishing and project management.

LMS MEDIA-Managed provides technical, video, creative and consulting services.

The main opportunities focus on economic relations between humans and their natural resources. Most of the work revolves around creating economic ways and means to accelerate natural resource recovery and climate damage repair.

Clear and present dangers appear when natural resources get managed in unsustainable ways. Renewable natural resources are only sustainable if they are replaced at a rate greater than or equal to the rate they are consumed.

In order to arbitrate settlements of persistent or deferred destruction of habitats and climate changing practices, H4H started the GAIA Fan Club. H4H communication gateways are open. So what does this mean?

Strategic projects have another way to enter the market and improve eco-eco relations.

2021 The Apiary Project

Create sustainable ecological and economic opportunity in practical locations outside urban centers.

The pilot project is to fund, build, document, report & package DIY info 4 sale


Develop user funded content for web delivery:

  • Doner - $ x?
  • Membership - $20 - $30/mo
  • Sponsor - $20 + ad choice
  • Investor - Package 3
  • Shareholder - Franchise + Package 3
Document Apiary project
Report Apiary project in the Blog
Build Apiary project -

prototype includes land, design, goods and services etc.

Package 1. DIY document chapters for sale

Package 2. Compiled document for sale

Package 3. Compiled document + blueprints + consulting for Investors & shareholders