Top Down Methods
Increase Food Production




Automation vs Human Labour
Multiply Output at Expense of Jobs




Higher Density Smaller Homes
Live, Rent, Invest, Own




More New, Used and Repaired Vehicles




Diversified Yearly Food Increase
Permaculture, Localized Markets, Four Season Crops





GFC Timeshare, Workshare
Multiple Income Streams


Work Time Exchange



Live, Rent, Invest, Timeshare
Stock, Triage & Custom Options




Built for Sanctuary, Triage, and Travel Stays




Four Season Crops

In order to use 21st century, high performance, bottom-up, low-cost, high-yield Permaculture four-season greenhouse and field, Sharecropping, H4H identifies and recycles or develops land to grow food, with surplus sold or traded to restaurants, neighbourhood grocers, and Food Bank markets.

GAIA Fan Club (GFC) Members can learn from Habitat for Health how to sharecrop to grow food to eat, preserve, sell the surplus, accrue time credits and/or work from their local or remote communal home. The H4H GFC will at least offer some hope to recover.


Work Smart

Habitat for Health teaches GFC Members to participate in a collective action network to build dome homes, learn sharecrop market gardening, sell surplus to community buyers, and provide transport services.

GFC Timebank credits are used to provide alternate options to supplement employment income. These credits can be redeemed for community time to barter, create, undertake cooperative garden work, harvest, transport, or swap for other currencies. GFC Volunteer pay-it-forward opportunities include optional ways towork, food, shelter, and transportation.


Adaptive Homes

H4H GFC is in charge of managing contracts for the construction of dome homes and other building projects using Barn-Raising methods. As the community grows, creating dome structures for habitation, storage, hospitality, or entertainment is a form of community work that can be exchanged for time put into the Timebank.

If you already have a job or money to invest or spend, you could also just purchase or finance a number of dome structures to create permaculture businesses and/or eco-eco community rental properties in order to benefit from or increase the resources of the GAIA Fan Club constituency.


Multi Service Transport

In order to transport goods and services to and from marketplaces, the GFC Eco-Eco community can invest in and maintain a fleet of vehicles.

It is a good idea to develop a Permaculture transportation system now that includes incentives to replace outmoded technology and invest in private and public electric vehicle pools by purchasing new cars or trucks or converting used ones to electric or other kinds of mobility. Good for product placement in exchange for donation, discount and no interest terms.